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Recycling in Motorsport

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With a greater emphasis on waste and recycling in our private lives, is it no wonder that the ethos is now beginning to spill over into the world of competition. While once engine component parts might have been discarded in favour of new replacements, today, where possible, they may be reclaimed to race another day. No better example of this is the re-plating of aluminium motorcycle engine barrels; particularly those that tend to suffer most distress - those of two-stroke engines. The...

"Rings of Fire"

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What better way to introduce the subject of fire rings than to refer to the song by the late Johnny Cash? But apart from the imagery it produces, sadly it would seem to give little further insight into the subject of sealing technology. However, the joint between the combustion chamber and the cylinder cannot be disregarded in the same off-hand manner. Differing materials and new methods of construction have all enabled the traditional cylinder head gasket to progress over the years, but...

A most unusual engine

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An engineer should not only have solid grounding in the fundamentals of his discipline but an interest in history too. A thorough understanding of the principles involved in product design is, I would have thought, an absolute necessity but an appreciation of all that has gone before is as equally valuable. So when other people are perhaps relaxing or enjoying the fruits of their labour I often prefer to saunter around some of the smaller transport museums in this land. On one occasion...


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It is a rather strange but ironic fact of life that once a racing engine gets over a certain age then the biggest causes of failure are not likely to be those associated with excessive loads or the breakdown of lubrication, but simply that of corrosion. In the prime of its often very short racing life, an engine may be cosseted by professionals whose whole existence is centred on the well-being of that unit. It will be stripped, cleaned and examined on a regular basis and then re-assembled...

Seal Elastomers - the lubricant angle.

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The interaction between the elastomer seals in an engine and its lubricant is an ongoing battle. Referred to simply as 'compatibility issues' by the specialists, the damage inflicted on the seal by the lubricant can manifest itself in two ways. The first of these is considered to be the direct chemical attack on the elastomer matrix resulting in its loss of performance (as a seal) while the second is the combined effect of this and the dynamic stresses applied. While the latter can...