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Rally exhausts

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Motorsport is generally a harsh environment compared to the normal drive cycle of a passenger car, motorcycle, aeroplane or boat. The loads and stresses are higher, as are the speeds involved and (normally) the duty cycle too. If you subject a normally reliable passenger vehicle to the rigours of a motorsport environment, you can expect it to fail in very short order. Of course, the motorsport environment is a graduated scale of harshness, and close to the top of this scale must be...

Le Mans motorcycle exhausts

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Endurance racing has much to recommend it as a spectacle, and it is a pity that there aren’t more countries holding 24-hour races. I have been to all kinds of motorsport events, and there is little to compete with the atmosphere of racing taking place at dusk, through the night and into the dawn hours. Motorcycle endurance racing is singularly impressive, with the riders and their machines being brutally exposed to the elements and, in the event of an accident, to damage. In the case...

MotoGP exhausts

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The 2013 season of MotoGP promises to be very exciting, with the prospect of seeing Valentino Rossi on very competitive machinery alongside MotoGP debutant Marc Marquez compensating to an extent for Casey Stoner’s retirement. The top class of motorcycle racing is for four-stroke machines up to 1000 cc, having a maximum of four cylinders; previously the maximum engine capacity had been 800 cc. The increase in engine capacity and the 25% increase in torque has helped improve the...

NASCAR – exhaust of tomorrow, and further on

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Exhaust systems can sometimes be a ‘forgotten component’ in a racing powertrain – some people pay them scant attention when it comes to performance, although they can offer real advantages. In NASCAR, the rules have been stable for a long time, but this does not mean exhaust development has come to a halt. With the introduction by NASCAR of the Car of Tomorrow (CoT) for the top-level Sprint Cup series, and the various developments that have followed, teams have had to look...

Formula One exhausts

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A year ago, the topic of discussion in the corresponding article to this one was how Formula One engineers might compensate for no longer being allowed to ‘blow the floor’ with exhaust gas. In 2011, much of the technical discussion, as far as exhausts were concerned, centred on the use of the energy in the exhaust gas flows to create extra downforce. ‘Hot blowing’ and ‘cold blowing’ were bywords in a season that culminated in a rule change being agreed...