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GT exhausts

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The new McLaren MP4-12C roadcar is a real looker, and has had some great reviews in the motoring press. It didn't take long before the car was taken from the road to the track, competing in the Blancpain Endurance Series in Europe. This is a race series specifically for GT cars. Stories in the press suggest that there are up to ten teams considering racing this car in 2012. The MP4 is powered by a 3.8-litre V8 turbocharged engine. I spoke to the chief engineer on the GT project, Andy...

Rally exhausts

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Not only is rallying an exciting sport to take part in and to watch, it places unusual demands on many of the components that make up the car and engine. Turbocharged engines in particular, with their anti-lag systems to aid transient response, place a lot of stress on components. In this regard, exhaust systems stand out as having to cope with more than their fair share of additional stress and hardship. In addition to high levels of vibrations and shocks from jumps and so on, rally...

Le Mans exhaust systems

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Race engine exhausts are expected to do a tough job without suffering failure, a job they generally do very well. The results of a broken pipe can be very noticeable for two main reasons - loss of performance and a marked increase in the amount of noise generated, especially on silenced systems where the breakage is upstream of the silencer. With a premium placed on both reliability and system mass, many race exhausts therefore use titanium, stainless steel and Inconel materials. Perhaps...

MotoGP exhausts

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MotoGP represents a real technical challenge for those who have the resources to design a bespoke race engine. The rules are refreshingly simple and short. There is very little to restrict irresponsible levels of spending, apart from common sense. The engine may have any number of cylinders in any configuration. Where Formula One dictates the number of cylinders and layout of the engine, MotoGP allows any design. Although we don't currently have anyone using more than four cylinders, we...


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Although using engines that, in the words of TRD's Lee White are "rooted in 1960's architecture", much about NASCAR is right up to date, employing modern design trends and manufacturing methods. NASCAR appeals to a specific audience, who are perhaps less technically motivated than those who follow MotoGP or Formula One, yet it attracts and retains a lot of the very best engineers in racing - precisely because of the technical challenges that the pushrod V8 engines present....