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World Superbike

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Almost 25 years ago, when World Superbike first started, the machinery was pretty much showroom-standard 750 cc four cylinders and 851 cc twins. When 500 cc Grand Prix bikes had 50% more power than a superbike, 120 bhp was very respectable from an exotic four-stroke 750 cc four-cylinder such as a Yamaha OW-01 or a Honda RC30. The latest World Superbikes are still based on production machinery, but are highly specialised, and much closer to Grand Prix machinery in terms of power and lap...

Touring car exhausts

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The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) is renowned for being a keenly contested and competitive series. It has remained popular for decades and continues to attract a strong field of domestic and international drivers. Team Hard will contest the BTCC in 2013 using two Vauxhall Insignia VXRRs. Thorney Motorsport has supplied the cars and developed its own exhaust system to suit the installation of the race series' spec engine, after its exhaust supplier failed to produce a...

GT exhausts

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GT racing remains a popular form of car racing, and there are a number of successful national and international race series. The GT classes are well represented at the important Le Mans 24 Hour race - indeed, GT racing seems to have become more popular at the expense of the Prototypes. The racing is close, the drivers are top quality, and car manufacturers are keen to support this kind of competition. GT racing is characterised by long races, and 24-hour events are a popular format. The...

Rallying and anti-lag systems

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The main disadvantage of a turbocharged engine compared to a naturally aspirated one is poor transient throttle response, commonly referred to as 'turbo lag'. This effect is something that roadcar manufacturers continue to improve with all kinds of clever technology such as variable geometry turbochargers. Turbocharged engines have many advantages. They are compact and, as such, can produce high performance from a physically small and light package. They are typically slightly more...

Le Mans exhausts

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The Le Mans 24 Hour race is a very stern test of man and machine. 24-hour racing is a team event possibly more than any other in motorsport, and requires more effort and more concentration over the course of a race than any other type of racing. In terms of mechanical stress and strain, the load cycles just keep coming. The mechanical aspect of motorsport is typically concerned with making the lightest piece of equipment suitable for performing its task and which won't break before the...