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Thread Lubricant Developments

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We have, in previous articles, looked at the importance of correct pre-load for fasteners, and this is especially important where there are cyclic loads involved that might causes fatigue failures. One of the more reliable ways in which we can tighten a fastener is to measure the extension or 'stretch' of a given bolt or stud, and for a con rod, this is indeed the way that the vast majority of engine builders will work. Knowing the load versus extension relationship of the bolt means...

Thread Inserts (3)

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Continuing the discussion of wire thread inserts in previous articles, this month I'll consider 'solid' types of insert. There are at least two varieties of 'solid' inserts in common use, and these are used mainly for repairs and, less often, in situations where female thread strength is felt to be a problem and that without such an insert, the chances of thread stripping are high. The 'problem' with solid inserts is that they can (and generally do) bias the...

Thread Inserts (2)

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In the previous article on thread inserts, Wayne Ward briefly discussed some of the reasons why people might choose to specify a thread insert and looked in a little detail on one of the types of insert which find common use in current racing engines. There is one further reason why a wire insert may be an advantage and that is in improving the fatigue life of the bolt installed therein, or of the female threaded component. Previous articles that I have written on the subject of fasteners...

Thread Inserts

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In previous articles on the subject of fasteners, we have dwelt very little on the subject of female threads, other than in the article talking of bespoke nuts. The other main situation where we will find female threads is where these have been machined into castings or into machined parts. Unless the rules forbid their use, it is likely that we will have chosen an aluminium block, or where we are designing bespoke parts, aluminium is a very popular material, either in its cast or wrought...

Bespoke nuts

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There are a plethora of different kinds of nuts on the market, and many are aimed at the racing market. Most of these will have been designed originally for the aerospace sector, and here we benefit from the exceptional quality control that the aerospace industry demands. Despite this range of good quality proprietary parts being available to us, there are also a considerable number of racing engine manufacturers who have bespoke nuts manufactured to their own designs. These might be to...