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Valve spring destruction

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Roy Johnson, engine builder for son Allen Johnson’s NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Pro Stock Dodge Stratus, lives to demolish the valve springs provided by Performance Springs, Inc. (PSI). “Valve springs are an ongoing problem for us. If I get a good spring, I can always find a way to tear it up by increasing the engine’s rpm and changing the cam lift velocity. The advances in materials and the heat treat processes that PSI has developed help but they can hardly keep...

Burning the cap

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The Pro Stock contingent of National Hot Rod Association Full Throttle Drag Racing competitors has always had a problem with pushrods: they just can’t find a way to stop them from burning up, particularly at the cap. For two years, Terry Manton of Manton Pushrods in Lake Elsinore, California has been working to find a solution to stop these burn-up difficulties. “It’s been two years worth of study and testing and nothing solved the problem until now. Those pushrod tips were...

MMC Finds More Motor Sport Applications

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There are several successful applications of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials in Formula One, although their use in engines is currently banned. MMCs have also been used in other forms of motorsport, and are finding an ever-increasing number of interesting applications.A Metal Matrix Composite can be defined as an engineered material made from at least two substances, at least one of which is a metal, each having substantially different chemical or physical properties, and each of...

The future

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Given current Formula One Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) rules for Formula One, teams have found that the centre of gravity height and weight distribution penalty is less when employing batteries as the storage medium rather than a flywheel. Nevertheless, in future seasons, when the rules are modified so that the amount of energy that can be recovered is greater the required battery weight will increase disproportionately and it is likely that the balance will tip in favour of...

Make or break?

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In NHRA professional drag racing, main and con rod crankshaft journal bearings are among the items that can make or break a run. It stands to reason that when a team finds something that works well for them, they are inclined to leave well enough alone.At John Force Racing, Dean ‘Guido’ Antonelli is one of the crew chiefs for the quartet of Funny Car teams. His prime requirement is tending to Ashley Force Hood’s Ford Mustang Funny Car.Occasionally, when Antonelli...